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Bypass Waiting Time and Download Limit for MegaUpload and DepositFiles

9 Oktober 2009

This post will work only if you use Mozilla Firefox. For impedancy, please use Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Portable Edition here to make sure that this script can be ran on your computer.

Please remove any other scripts regarding megaupload and depositfiles (if you have). All scripts are packed in *.zip format. If you didn’t have any program to extract it, download WinRAR 3.9 here. See instruction below.


Download greasemonkey-0.8.20080609.0-fx.xpi
Install GreaseMonkey into your firefox by dragging and dropping it in [ToolsAdd-ons] then restart firefox. Without this plugin, the scripts are useless.


Download linkification.xpi
Drag and drop LinkiFication into your browser and install it. This will Linkify any LINKS that appears on the website. This means that you dont have to copy and paste the links because any LINKS will be clickable from now on.


Download MUIDeasy.user.js
Drag and drop MUIDeasy into your firefox and install it. The next time you download something from MEGAUPLOAD, it will be lot easier to fill the CAPTCHA CODE and the DOWNLOAD WILL START INSTANTLY WITHOUT THE COUNTER. DOWNLOADS will be RESUMEABLE for small files.


Download MUslot.user.js
Drag and drop MUslot and install it. This will BYPASS country slot LIMIT!! Works 60%


Download Deposit.user.js
Drag and drop Deposit then install it. The next time you DOWNLOAD something from DEPOSITFILE, it will start to DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY and AUTOMATICALLY.

UPDATE: Cara di atas sudah tidak berlaku lagi.
  1. Bilal Tahir
    15 Oktober 2009 pukul 12:09

    doesn’t work 😦

    • 15 Oktober 2009 pukul 13:18

      Make sure that you use Mozilla Firefox 2.0 as web browser to keep their (plugins) compatibility. Use the newer version or using another type of web browser can make these scripts doesn’t work correctly.

  2. Bilal Tahir
    15 Oktober 2009 pukul 14:00

    oh so it wouldn’t work on the newest firefox then???

    • 19 Oktober 2009 pukul 03:19

      Yups, There are any compatibility issue when I try to use these scripts with the newest Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 and Mozilla Minefield 3.6 alpha.

  3. Ajay
    18 Oktober 2009 pukul 20:16

    Tried it on Moz 2 doesn’t work

    • 19 Oktober 2009 pukul 03:22

      Make sure that you follow these instructions above carefully. In a few test, it works 6 from 10 test using script. Maybe you’re one of unlucky persons. 🙂
      Don’t panic, try to reload page or restar your Mozilla browser to take effect.

    18 Oktober 2009 pukul 20:29

    I just tried it – it works hahahahahahhahahahahahhaah thankxxx

  5. Bilal Tahir
    18 Oktober 2009 pukul 22:00

    what did you try it on gokumad???

  6. 26 Oktober 2009 pukul 10:30

    Great post as for me. I’d like to read more concerning this matter.

  7. Suad Novic
    1 Februari 2010 pukul 00:43

    Nice, but this isn’t compatible with Firefox 3.6

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